Grand Rapids Machine Repair

Machine Shop

The Grand Rapids Machine Repair Machine Shop is a full service machine shop, committed to conform to our customer’s needs. Ron Brow Sr. went about creating his own machine shop to service his repair facilities’ needs.  Ron knew that to keep his tight delivery schedules, he would need to have control of as much of the manufacturing process as possible.  Our machine shop services have grown to service our own machine repair needs as well as servicing other company’s maintenance and manufacturing needs.

For your convenience, we also offer complete on-site portable machine services.

 When a customer requires new or repaired parts, we’re your answer! Whether it be an emergency situation or a standard delivery, we go all out to provide the parts with exacting standards on or before agreed upon delivery. Often our customers are unable to accept original equipment manufacturers deliveries, therefore they turn to us for cost effective alternatives. 


Engine Lathes

Engine Lathes                 Swing               Between Centers      

Lodge & Shipley                      38"                                14'
Monarch                                  21"                                72"
Monarch                                  37.5"                            108"
Monarch                                  20.5"                              96"
Monarch                                  25.5"                              96"
Clausing                                  12"                                 36"
Vertical Lathe                          74"                                 64"
#3Turret Lathe Warner-Swayez 6" Hole Thru Spindle
                                                 24"                                  36"
Nebel 76" X 48" Gap              60"                                   12'
Sirco                                       24"                                  14' 
Takang 60" X 14" Gap            42"  (33" over carriage) 160" 

Surface Grinders, Key Seaters, Saws

Surface Grinders
Hanchett Rotary         Max Size  36" Dia. X 12"
Thompson                                    17" X 50" Power Feed
Browne & Sharp                            6" X 18"
Landis                                           18" X 36" OD ID 
Landis                                           14" X 150" OD
Sunnen Power Hone                    .060" to 6.5"

Key Seaters
Baker Brothers                             2" Straight/Taper
Mitts & Merrill                               1/4" to 4" Straight/Taper                            
Tool Grinder                                  

Cut off We I Is 1000
Peerless Hacksaw
Marvell 18 X 18

Vertical Mill, CNC Lathe, CNC Mills, GunDrill

Vertical Mill
2 Bridgeport Mills     9" X 42" Table

CNC Lathe  
Mazak Quick Turn 30'            11" Swing               40"Between Centers
Mazak M5N                            24" Swing               80"Between Centers     W/7" Hole Thru

CNC Mills
Fadal 4525                              45" X Axis               25" Y Axis              24" Z Axis   
Fadal 4525 w/4th Axis            45" X Axis               25" Y Axis              32" Z Axis

Dadson 1643                          1.25" X 84" Max Depth

Welding & Brazing Equipment, Drill Presses

Welding & Brazing Equipment

Lincoln Welding Machine                Miller 300 Amp
600 Amperes Wire                          Miller 250 Amp Portable
Miller 450 Amp Stick                       Plasma Burn Table CNC 1/2" X 4 X 4
Tig Welder                                       2 Plasma Burn Table CNC 2" Thickness

Drill Presses

Edlund Mulihead Drill Press
Edlund Singlehead Drill Press
Cincinnati-Brickford Super Service 24" Drill Press


Sandblaster Trinc 361B
Parker Power Crimper