Grand Rapids Machine Repair

Machine Repair

Grand Rapids Machine Repair covers a wide range of industrial equipment repair. From Press inspections to clutch conversions, complete rebuilds and any other industrial machinery repairs, we have you covered!

We are known as the “Press Repair Specialist” but over the years we have evolved into a more diversified repair company with experience repairing injection molding machines, conveyor systems and many other forms of industrial equipment.

No job is too big or too small for our experienced crew. Our On-Call service team helps minimize your downtime and avoid catastrophic losses by keeping you “up and running”.  We travel the continental United States to meet your service needs.

We have fully equipped repair vans, hi-los and semis to repair your equipment on site.  If necessary we can load and transport your equipment to our shop if more extensive repairs are needed.

We look forward to getting you back to work!


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Machine Repair Equipment List

   Overhead Cranes                                                   Hydraulic Press

1-25 Ton 30' Under Hook                                            100 Ton Vertical
2-5 Ton 20' Under Hook                                                50 Ton Vertical            22" Tall
1-3 Ton 20' Under Hook                                               2 pc. 100 Ton Puller     54" Long
1-10 Ton 20' Under Hook
1-7.5 Ton 20' Under Hook
1-2 Ton 15' Under Hook

Vehicle Equipment List

6 Hyster HI-LO Model 150 7.5 Ton
1 Clark HI-LO Model 10024  10 Ton
1 Clark HI-LO 4 Ton
1 Towmotor Model T300 15 Ton
1 Navistar Tractor
1 Kenworth Tractor
4 Fully Equipped Rigging/Tool Vans
2 Pickup Trucks
1 Stake Truck 9 Ton
1 Flatbed Truck 3 Ton
1 45' Nelson Lowboy Trailer
1 TRAIL-EZE Beavertail Trailer
1 Talbor 50 Ton Double Drop Trailer
1 Big Tex 40' Gooseneck w/Mega Ramps