Grand Rapids Machine Repair

Boring Mill

Repairing larger stamping machines is our specialty.  Therefore we require a larger variety of machine equipment. We have six Cincinnati-Gilbert boring mills to accomplish your milling machine work.

From our largest boring mill, 5” spindle with a 10’X20” twenty feet traverse capability, to our smallest with a 3” spindle and a work area of 3’X6’, we can machine a full spectrum of machine parts.

All of our mills are fully equipped with turn tables, digital readouts and an extensive tooling cache at our disposal.

We look forward to discussing your boring mill work requirements with you very soon.


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Boring Mill Equipment

      Equipment                   Spindle     Vertical    Horizontal

Cincinnati-Gilbert Floor          5 3/8"            96"        24' w/60"  X 84" Power Rotary Table

Cincinnati-Gilbert Floor          5"                 120"       20'

Cincinnati-Gilbert Floor         3 3/4"            96"         17'

Cincinnati-Gilbert Floor         3 3/4"            72"         7' w/50" X 50" Power Rotary Table

Cincinnati-Gilbert Floor         3 3/4"            72"        10' w/48" X 108" Power Rotary Table

Cincinnati-Gilbert Floor         3 3/4"            72"        48" X 84"

K & T Vertical #2                                                         28" Lg. Table X 11" wide 

Cincinnati Cincoba 80                                                18"H w/12" X 56" Table